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Art tells a story and when a picture says a thousand words our stories say a lot...

We do not allow any photography at our parties however we take photos of our models and also selected guests if they want their photo taken. 

These photos are put into a Hard Back coffee table book​ and all those who participate get a free copy to remember their very special evening. 


We do not allow photography at our parties. Yet know many of you love to have memories that last a lifetime through photography. As a result we have set up a photography dungeon where our professional photographers will not only take photos of you for you to keep but also place them in a hard back coffee book which will be sent to you free of charge so you can remember the entire night!


This service is completely free and all included in your ticket. You can pose with your friends and say... "I was there" Or have an intimate photography session with your partner. All who participate in the shoot may also wear masks or hide their faces. What ever you feel comfortable with. The hard back book will be sent to all who participate and you will also have high resolution photos sent to your email. All completely free of charge and included in the price of your ticket!


Nights Of St Francis.. Lets Make Some Memories! 


The Studio
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